1. To carry out the maximum overcoming of the shortcomings of cognitive activity and the emotional-volitional sphere of schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities,
2. Prepare children to participate in productive work,
3. To help the social adaptation of children in a modern society.
4. Determine the forms of educational and cognitive activity, taking into account the methods, principles and objectives of teaching.
5. Throughout the entire learning process, create favorable and sparing conditions for a mentally retarded child, prevent neuropsychic overstrain.
6. Implement all didactic principles in the lesson
7. Create conditions for productive activity of teachers and students
8.Use the achievements of modern pedagogical (correctional) theory and practice
9. Skillfully use pedagogical means of influencing students
10. Take into account the individual and typological characteristics of students
11. To form the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, to form the ability to learn.